Although the eGauge uses power factor to calculate real power, the power factor values are not stored in the database by default. However, it is possible to create a register to track the power factor of either a single CT/phase pairing or aggregate registers containing multiple CT/phase pairings. This requires both a Real Power and Apparent Power register already be configured (see Power Register Subtypes). To do so:

Navigate to Settings -> Installation

Under Registers, click the "Add Registers" button

Name the register as appropriate

Using the dropdown menu, change the register type from "P" to "="

A second dropdown menu will appear.  Select the unit type "number"

In the formula field, enter the following: 1000*($"REGNAME"/$"REGNAME*") where REGNAME is the name of the power register (type P).  Note the * present after the second instance of REGNAME.

Click "Save" at the bottom of the page when finished (valid credentials required)

Sample Power Factor Register (using the registers "Grid" and "Grid*")