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New and existing users of eGuard may request access to existing groups of devices directly from that group's administrator. This is useful when granting new users access to a group - for example, a recent hire at a property management company might create a username for eGuard, and then request access from their current group administration. End users of eGauge hardware and software (for example, homeowners) should not need to create an eGuard group or request access to devices through eGuard (even their own), as eGuard is intended to manage large groups of devices.

In order to request access directly from an existing user:

1. Log in to the eGauge website (if needed, create an account first).

2. Click the "eGuard" link at the top of the page, and select "Portfolio".

3. A list of devices will load (for new accounts, this list will be empty).

4. Select "Permissions" from the list of links at the top of the page.

5. Under "Request Access", enter the username of the user administering the group in question.

6. Click "Request Access".

7. A confirmation message should appear in green near the top of the page.

"Request Access" section of the Permissions page

Once access to these devices is granted, the requester will see them listed on their eGuard device list. The turnaround time for approval is based on the actions of the person granting access. eGauge Systems can not expedite this process.