Note: The eGauge hardware exchange program was terminated on Oct 1, 2019. RMAs created or processed after this time are not eligible for the hardware exchange program.

If warranty coverage is not available, an older or damaged eGauge may be exchanged for a $100 credit towards a replacement eGauge Pro or eGauge Core. Credits cannot be "stacked" (so two eGauges cannot be turned in for a $200 credit toward a single replacement eGauge). Credits are only available for one-to-one exchanges at base unit prices (not valid with quantity discounts). The model of the failed eGauge hardware does not affect eligibility - for example, an eGauge2 or EG30xx can be exchanged for credit towards an eGauge Pro or eGauge Core.

Depending on the nature of the failure eGauge support may be able to assist with data recovery, and configuration of the replacement device (assuming proper installation). However, neither service is guaranteed.

Please contact eGauge sales at or 877-342-8431 x1 for more information and pricing verification.