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The eGauge has a number of settings which can be modified by the end user. Some of these are relatively benign, while others can impact accuracy or even break network connectivity outright. This article is intended to provide first-time users with a brief overview of which settings can be experimented with and which settings should be left alone, along with sample consequences for changing these settings. Settings under Settings -> Preferences are generally related to appearance, and can be safely modified.

Settings that can cause accuracy issues:

Changing anything under Settings -> Installation can cause massive accuracy issues. Most of these changes will cause incorrect readings from the time they are applied moving forward. Generally, these settings should be properly configured when the eGauge is first installed and then left alone.  Incorrectly recorded data cannot be adjusted or recovered.

Changing the date and time under Settings -> Date & Time will cause data to be recorded with incorrect timestamps.

Settings that can cause connectivity issues:

"Proxy server hostname" under Settings -> General Settings or any setting under Settings -> Network Settings