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The TP-Link TL-WR802N is a WiFi bridge that can be used to connect the eGauge to a wireless network. The bridge is powered by USB, so it may be powered directly from an EG41xx device's USB port for convenience. Ethernet is connected from the bridge to the eGauge to provide WiFi network access.

TP-Link TL-WR802N USB powered
WiFi bridge

When the TP-Link TL-WR802N is configured in client mode as per instructions, any devices connected to the Ethernet port of the bridge will obtain their own unique IP address from the LAN. The TP-Link bridge itself will obtain a separate IP address from the LAN.

Tips for Troubleshooting:

  • A factory reset may be performed by holding the recessed Reset pin in the bridge for 5-10 seconds while the bridge is powered on.
  • A scheduled reboot may be configured by accessing the TP-Link admin interface and navigating to System Tools -> Reboot.
  • to access the admin interface of a configured TP-Link bridge, disable all wireless adapters on a computer, connect directly to the TP-Link Ethernet port and access http://tplinkwifi.net/. Alternatively, enter the IP address of the TP-Link WiFi bridge from a computer connected to the same WiFi network the bridge is on. You may need to view the main router's DHCP table to find the IP address for this method.

Setup instructions

1) Power the TP-Link bridge via USB. The bridge should be within WiFi range of the network it will connect to. You may connect it via Ethernet and power it from an EG41xx device at this time.

2) Using a laptop with WiFi, connect to the wireless network broadcasted by the TP-Link bridge. The SSID and password are located on a card that comes with the wireless bridge. This information is also printed on the bottom of the bridge itself.

3) When connected to the wireless bridge's network, open a web browser to http://tplinkwifi.net/. Log in using the default login printed on the card that comes with the wireless bridge.

4) Choose "Next" to begin the Quick Setup.

5) You may choose to change the admin password in this step. Choose Next when done.

6) Choose "Client" as the operation mode and press Next.

7) A list of in-range WiFi networks are displayed. Choose "Connect" next to the network you will connect the eGauge to.

8) Enter the password for the WiFi network and choose Next.

9) Choose "Smart IP" for the LAN type. This will automatically assign the admin interface an IP address from the main network, and any eGauges connected to the Ethernet port will obtain an IP address from the main network. Press Next to continue.

7) You can review the configuration and press Finish to save and reboot.

Below shows the setup of an eGauge connected to a TP-Link TL-WR802N bridge connected in client mode on a WiFi network. The network uses the 172.17.2.* network. The WiFi bridge was assigned while the eGauge was assigned