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RS485 to Ethernet Converter

Current manufacturer information: Chiyu model BF-430

The Chiyu BF-430 is an RS-485/RS-232 to Ethernet converter. It is required for serial communication to third-party devices (for example, Modbus RTU) on older eGauge models without USB ports or to communicate over a network rather than serial line directly to the eGauge. eGauge models with USB ports can utilize the eGauge USB485 (RS485 to USB adapter) instead.

Hardware included:

1x RS485 to Ethernet Converter


  • Ensure proper voltage and serial connections are made.
  • Do not apply power to both barrel jack and voltage terminals.
  • A power supply is not included, and must be sourced based on installation requirements.
  • Supply power must be between 9Vdc and 30Vdc.
  • Serial settings are configured in software on the BF-430 and must be set correctly for use.

Assembly/installation information

  1. Set the DIP switch in the upper left to 485 (or 232, if using the RS232 terminal connections).
  2. Connect the Ethernet (RJ45) to the local network.
  3. Connect the 485+ and 485- to the appropriate connections on the remote serial device (or RS232 if used instead).
  4. Apply power to the BF-430 using a barrel jack or 9~30V+ and 9~30V- terminals appropriately.

Software configuration Information

BF-430 Manual

Technical information and documentation

BF-430 Manual

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