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RS485-USB Converter

eGauge Model: USB485

The eGauge USB485 is used to receive and send serial data between a RS485 serial chain and a host's USB port. Primarily it is used for compatible eGauge meters (EG4xxx series) to record data from remote Modbus devices (such as inverters, temperature sensors, and other meters), or for other systems (such as a building automation system, or other data logger) to read data from the eGauge via Modbus RTU.

It may be used for other non-eGauge applications as it utilizes a well known FT230X chipset from FTDI. However, eGauge Systems does not provide support for these applications.

Hardware included:

1x eGauge USB485 converter

1x Mini USB to USB-A connector


Ensure proper wiring between serial devices. Only connect data signals, and signal ground (not earth ground).

Assembly/installation information

  1. Wire the serial line to the D+, D-, and signal ground. Use twisted pair wire for D+ and D- connections.
  2. Turn the termination DIP switch to ON if it is the last connection on the serial line. Termination should be OFF if it is daisy chained in-between devices.
  3. Connect the Mini USB cable to the EG4xxx USB1 or USB2 port. Take note of which port is used.

Multiple serial devices can be daisy chained on the same line like in the following diagram:

Software configuration Information

Technical information and documentation

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