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Hinged Enclosure

Current manufacturer information: H------HLL (dashes replaced with dimensions, see spec sheets below)

Integra polycarbonate enclosure, hinged and lockable lid. Can be used to house eGauge meter(s) and accessories. Available in 14"x12"x6", 12"x10"x4", and 10"x8"x4" sizes.

Each enclosure comes with an eGauge Mounting Kit, and DIN rail(s) pre-installed. The 12"x10"x4" enclosure has a single DIN rail installed, while the larger have two.

Hardware included:

  • 1x Hinged, lockable lid enclosure with DIN rail pre-installed
    • 2x DIN rails on 10"x8"x4", 14"x12"x6"
    • 1x DIN rail on 12"x10"x4"
  • 1x eGauge Mounting Kit
    • 3x 6-32 x 3/16” Pan Head Machine Screws
    • 4x Silver Screws (for connecting eGauge meter to DIN clip or L-bracket)
    • EG4xxx DIN clip
    • EG4xxx L-bracket

Assembly/installation information

  1. Attach the DIN clip to the underside of eGauge using 4x silver screws
  2. Optionally attach the L-Bracket to the DIN clip for alternative mounting options
  3. Connect the eGauge and other equipment to the pre-installed DIN rail

Technical information and documentation

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