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5-pin Power Plug

Current manufacturer information: Adam Tech EBH-05-G

Voltage terminal connector block with 5 positions. Accepts three line voltage conductors (L1, L2, and L3) and a neutral conductor. Split-phase installations use the L1, L2, and N terminals. Single phase installations use the L1 and N terminals. Replacement component for eGauge meters.

Hardware included:

1x 5-pin power plug


  • Follow all warning and safety procedures when operating with high voltage.
  • Do not apply greater than 277Vac between any line and neutral terminal, and greater than 480Vac between any line and line terminal.
  • Do not attempt to power eGauge meters without an appropriate neutral terminal connection.
  • Pay attention to correct terminals; switching line inputs or neutral connections can result in damage.

Assembly/installation information

Connect appropriate voltage measurements to the screw terminals and tighten securely. Do not connect anything to the "Unused" terminal. If wiring a single-phase system, leave the L3 terminal unused.