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SendGrid is a free third party service unaffiliated with eGauge which provides a consistent outbound email delivery service. It can be used for eGauge alert delivery, and is more reliable than not having any "Email Gateway" information entered. Without an "Email Gateway" configured, alert emails may be rejected, dropped, or fail inconsistently.

It is intended as a commercial service for businesses rather than individual end users.

SendGrid allows up to 100 emails daily with the free plan. The next paid level offers 40,000 emails per month for $14.95 per month.

SendGrid provides some information and monitoring such as email delivery failures, number of emails sent and other details.


SendGrid is a third party email delivery service with no affiliation with eGauge Systems. eGauge Systems cannot guarantee email delivery, uptime, or security of using SendGrid.

Information on this page will be updated on best effort level, but information, pricing, and instructions are not guaranteed to be up to date or consistent with changes SendGrid makes.

eGauge Systems does not provide any support for SendGrid's services, and cannot assist with account creation, password recovery, or similar issues.

Pre-setup notes

Email can be delivered from the eGauge using SMTP server "smtp.sendgrid.com" and your SendGrid account username and password. Alternatively, different API keys with unique passwords can be used across devices. SendGrid allows up to 100 API keys per account.

It is recommended to use API keys rather than the main account username and password. API keys can be rejected at any time, and if your SendGrid account password needs to be reset, you won't need to update every eGauge configured to use it.

API key passwords are displayed only once after creation, so they should be securely stored, like in an encrypted keyring, if they are to be used again on multiple devices.

Setup API keys

1) Initial account creation and setup wizard for first email


2) Adding a second API key, or adding without the wizard from the main dashboard

Initial account creation and setup wizard for first email

  1. Create an account at https://sendgrid.com/

  2. Click "Start" to the right of "Integrate using our Web API or SMTP relay"

  3. In "Choose a setup method", choose "SMTP relay"

  4. Give the API key a name, like "eGauge Alerts Emails" and press "Create Key"

  5. You will now be given the SMTP server (smtp.sendgrid.net), the username (apikey), and password (hidden). This is the only time the password will be displayed, it should be saved somewhere securely like an encrypted keychain.

  6. In the eGauge Alert settings, enter the mail server address, username, and password that were provided by SendGrid in the previous step. Enter the destination email under Alert Destinations, and press "Save" at the bottom of the page.

  7. Press "Send Test Message" to ensure the email is delivered properly.

Adding a second API key, or adding without the wizard from the main dashboard

  1. In the main dashboard on the left-side menubar, expand Settings and click API keys.

  2. Give the API key a name.

  3. Choose "Restricted Access" as the API key permissions, expand the "Mail Send" section, and click the dot on the right side of the bar next to "Mail Send" to grant that permission

  4. Click "Create and View", and copy the API key displayed on the next screen

  5. In the eGauge Alert settings, enter the mail server hostname (smtp.sendgrid.com), username (apikey), and the password that was displayed in the previous step.

  6. Press "Save" at the bottom of the page, and then "Send Test Message" to ensure email delivery works.