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Product: Test Power Cable

Test Power Cable

eGauge Model: TPC-DC

Hardware included:

1x AC to DC power supply

1x 2 pin plug (attached)

4x Receptacle adapters


The test power cable must be connected to the Ldc terminal. Connecting it to a CT port will damage or destroy the eGauge. 

The test power cable may only be used with EG40xx meters (Core and Pro).

The test power cable is suitable for testing and programming an eGauge, and cannot be used for permanent installation.

The test power cable is rated for 120-240Vac. It cannot be connected to higher input voltages.

Assembly/installation information

  1. Select the appropriate receptacle adapter.
  2. Clip the receptacle adapter into the body of the power supply.
  3. Connect the two pin plug to the Ldc terminal (next to the five pin power plug),

Software configuration Information

  • No additional configuration is required to use the test power cable.

Technical information and documentation

  • 120/240Vac input @ 0.18A 
  • 12Vdc output @ 0.42A
  • UL Listed